Meeting and dating a Russian woman: 7 reasons


Sitting on the terrace of a café in Moscow, I watch the girls and the Lada pass by, and I tell myself that this is really the best thing that is done in Russia. Dream curves, perfect finish, pleasant to the touch... Well, okay for the lada. But what about the girls? What makes you have to date a Russian woman at least once in your life?


7 reasons to date a Russian woman (or an eastern girl)

1. They're beautiful women, making a torticoli out of them.

You could say that their reputation as the most beautiful women in the world, they did not steal it. Refined silhouettes, angels' faces, Russian girls turn the heads of all those who cross their path. Elegant to the tip of their nails, they advance on their high heels with the gait of a ballerina. And make us dream, we who are used to turtlenecks and jeans under skirts. So it's decided, your next girlfriend will be the ballerina, not the one with Orangina's bottle silhouette. Invite her to the restaurant, sit in a good chair, set her up in front of you, open a good whisky, and be happy. Going out with a Russian woman is also the assurance of making jealous among your friends.


2. They will teach you to behave like a man

You learn good manners. Because if they get lost in France, one can still hold a door in Russia or help a woman to take off her coat without being called a macho in the small week. Even in Paris, dating a Russian woman means she'll expect the same from you. So the next time your girlfriend (Russian or not, by the way) has made the adventurous choice to put her heels high to please you, give her the arm rather than blame her for not walking fast enough. Also, she will expect you to take things into your own hands, you are a man. So it's up to you where you go out, and what you do. And more: "Uh, well, I don't know, we could or couldn't do that, maybe, what do you think?"


By the way, although they do not say it, every French woman will like to be treated with this delicacy which is unfortunately getting more and more lost.


3. A Russian woman is never warm

It's hot or it's cold. When it comes to meeting a Russian woman and going to talk to her, there are two possibilities: either she will answer you barely looking at you, or you will have 5 signs of interest within 30 seconds. Let's be frank, if in France girls don't kiss on the first night so as not to pass for "s", as they say, Russian women don't ask themselves so many questions.


Russian girls are the assurance of crazy and passionate evenings as we live very few in a lifetime. When they love, they don't count. And live in the present moment.


4. Russian girls give everything

This passion can also be found in everyday life. For the man she loves, a Russian woman will be ready for any sacrifice, like the wives of the decembrists who followed their husbands into exile in Siberia. Are you sick? She will stay at your bedside, taking care of everything at home, making you dinner and filling the fridge if needed. What's the matter? She will listen to you for hours, look for ways to help you, and if not to comfort you. And they will do it with a good heart.


To date a Russian woman is to accept that the man's role is to decide. But in exchange, her role is to assist, to comfort.


5. They will help you to de-dramatize everything

Russian girls sometimes have a hard life: public hospitals dangerous for health, corruption at all levels, one winter of 8 months a year... So when they come to France, they know how to appreciate things at their true value and do not complain because everything is fine, which we French do very well.


As soon as you go out with a Russian woman, you will learn to put things into perspective, and to no longer give so much importance to those details of everyday life that don't matter. The train is ten minutes late? This is wrong. But it's not a big deal. A problem, an upset at work? Talk to her, she will reassure you that even if everything goes wrong, everything will be fine.


6. They know all about us

Like us, they watched the films of Louis de Funès or Pierre Richard in their childhood, and remember with emotion Helen and the Boys. They sing songs by Joe Dassin, Patricia Kaas, or Vanessa Paradis at karaoke, and won't resist the joy of telling you about Beigbeder's latest novel.


Russian women love France and its culture, a fact generally unknown to the French. See Paris and die, they say. So if you can be their guide, they'll be thrilled. Also, offer them a romantic stroll through the streets of Paris by a starry sky, and you will land the moon.


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7. They have so much to show you

Russian women usually go to the opera or ballet after work, not to the movies to see the last Spiderman (they're wrong, it seems that's good). Their bedside book is Anna Karenine, whom they know by heart, and not cosmo and her special complement: is your boyfriend unfaithful? In Russia, the answer is: yes, he is. Let's be honest: Russian women are more educated than us, and know more about literature, painting or sculpture than a plastic arts teacher (is it really difficult?).


And the icing on the cake is that by asking nicely, they will be happy to explain all this to you by taking you to the museum. And besides, they'll roll the r's.