Seduce an escort girl? Is it simply possible and desirable for you?

Let's summarize the situation. You hang out with the Escort Girls in your area from time to time and there's nothing wrong with that. But one morning, you fall for one of them after she has given you a GFE of madness ( GFE = girl friend experience for novices). You almost thought you were in your ex's arms. Result of the races, you become totally addicted and ready to slap half of your Smic between Ludmilla's arms.


How to seduce an escort girl?

A priori, that she is pro or occasional, this kind of girls is not of the house style, then how to make? On the one hand, you know that she sleeps right and left, on the other, you'd like to keep her all to yourself and why not get her out of this faux pas, great prince that you are.


Of two things one, either she is also addicted and it is reciprocal and it is so much better, or it is one-way and you will have to earn her trust ô how much valuable at the cost of many efforts.


Know that a first class Escort girl earns between 8000 and 15000 euros monthly not to mention the trips, luxury apartment, jewelry and other free clothes she lets herself offer.  She has a higher level of style than the average of her fellow citizens and it will be very difficult to make her forget all that. She is used to going out in the best restaurants and clubs in France, will you be able to offer her this lifestyle? She'd really have to have a crush on you to be a housewife.


But let's listen to Kevin, a 22-year-old Escort client, tell us his love story with a Ukrainian Escort:


"I'm a young man of 22 years old, I've had a girlfriend for a long time but I recently met an Escort on the net. Since I spent an hour with Ekaterina, I became addicted, not a day without thinking about her. From our first meeting, the sex was fantastic, worthy of a real porn. She soon told me that she was doing this to finance her international law studies. The following weekend, I reserve it for 4 hours or 800 euros, which represents for me 2 weeks of work. She is soft and generous with caresses. During more than a dozen of our paid meetings, she tells me that she is homesick, that her boyfriend is violent and I see tears in her eyes. I crack because I realize that I am facing me, a human being who suffers, I want to help him out, it is my social side that takes the lead. Today, more than 3 months after our first meeting, she has returned to her country and I am like a dog, I don't know what to do anymore. Before she left, she did leave me her email but no return from her part.


To counterbalance this, we gathered the testimony of Jade, 31, Escort on Nice, when it came to mentioning Kevin's case and in her own opinion, would she be ready to leave everything to leave with a client? (unequivocal answer)


"It is difficult to become friends with a client because at some point when another girl has scruples about making a friend pay, he will want to negotiate or even stop paying. This does not prevent tenderness but take a cocktail with a regular just "for fun" no thanks. With some of my loyal customers, I often exchanged on everything and nothing by email but we only met for paid exchanges. The professionals in general started for pure pleasure of the sex and then they continue by need, the casuals do that only for the money, to return to Kevin, I suggest to him that to forget this Russian and to stop wanting to save girls who do not need it. Kevin is a perfect example of the client that is driving me away.


You see it yourself. There's a lot of financial and emotional headaches to seducing and attaching yourself to an Escort.


I'm gonna be cash with Kevin, but his problem is pathological.


If like Kevin, you idealize the girl and to make it short, there's a 90% chance that:


You're psychologically hurting yourself.

You end up out of a straw.

Know that it is her role to make you feel comfortable, especially since she is a call girl, a notch above the average prostitute, therefore more expensive. She better retain you as a customer rather than always chasing after new ones.


On the other hand, it would be a shame to do a premature ejaculation, then follow our advice which can be useful to you! And if you're still a virgin at 20, it might be a good solution to go see an Escort Girl who will guide you as an expert as she is!


Our advice to white knight suitors:


Don't see anything but sex with this kind of girls, unless you manage to gamer her well, you stand out and you get sex for peanuts (rare if there are any).